Questions & Answers

I didn't find a logo that suits my needs. Do you design logos under commission?

Yes. Contact me telling what you need.

Do you do other design works?

Yes. Most of them.

What payment methods are available?

Credit card or Paypal balance.

I intend to edit the file using Photoshop, is it a good idea?

Definitely not, since it's not a vector software. Designers and graphic bureaus will need a vector file to work properly with your design.

What is a vector file?

It is a file format used to generate all images you will need for digital and print media. Common types of vector files are .eps and .ai. Raster images (like .jpg, .gif, and .png) can be accurately extracted from them.

Whose are the rights of the logo design?

Before the purchase, the rights belong to the designer. After the purchase, they belong to the buyer/owner. To protect the logo design commercially, it must be registered as mark.